Three tips for a sustainable Christmas

tree_blogThe holidays can be an opportunity for so much family-centered fun and creativity but often we find ourselves pulled into a hectic several weeks of spending and consumption. We’d love to share a few of the ways we try to ensure that Christmas in our house is cheerful as well as sustainable:

1. Rather than buying a pine from a tree farm, consider opting for an indigenous tree more suited to the painting_bloglocal environment or even using branches and greenery from your own garden to create your own tree.

2. We have loved turning our focus to creating handmade gifts for one another in our house. The kids get to hone their artistic and creative instincts and we value not adding to the sheer volume of excess ‘stuff’ in our home.

cookies_blog3. We don’t all have the luxury of homegrown produce so instead, when you’re putting together your holiday grocery list, be sure to visit your local farmers’ market. Not only will you find the freshest, seasonal ingredients, you’ll also be supporting small, local producers in your community.

Nothing could be more sustaining or sustainable than just focusing your energy on time with loved ones. Make that number one on your to-do list!