Recent Media Reviews

UNCULTURED Pétillant Naturel 2018
MIKE BENNIE, The Wine Front
93 points. Fruit salad of varieties here, but that ain’t the point, it’s bright, fizzy, delicious that’s the motif. From biodynamic vines. I’m cheering on the increasing number of pet nats emerging from all sorts of producers across Australia; this one came before many on the new wave.
The 2018 is to be released soonish, the 2017 if still in market is also great.
Fizzy, lively, juicy, bright and so easy to drink. Fun, festive pink colour, blasting from the glass with fruity scents, the wine overall has an almost Passiona soft drink feel to it but decidedly dry, and it’s spicy and chalky in texture too. Far out, this has smashable written all over it. Exciting thing this, and of the style it is an excellent example.

NGERINGA Chardonnay 2016
MIKE BENNIE, The Wine Front
93 points. From Summit Vineyard. Basket pressed and sent to barrels to rest. A ‘best barrels’ scenario.
Concentrated, sleek white of great velocity, purity and freshness. Zips along the palate with light chewiness and cool, green apple flavours. Lots of detail here, and a sense of ‘fine wine’ while also having a kind of edginess to it. Yin n yang, I really.

J.E Chardonnay 2017
MIKE BENNIE, The Wine Front
92 points. Biodynamic (certified) but the cert. sticker is off the bottles now (part political etc). Bit of new oak here, but just a smidge.
Juicy and bright, stone fruit centred with licks of chalky-mineral stuff going on. Has some tangy citrus through the wine and a general ‘energy’ going on. Very refreshing, lithe and pent up. Delicious!

NGERINGA Rosé 2017
MIKE BENNIE, The Wine Front
93 points. Rose. Shiraz mostly. Looks dark, drinks light (and dry).
Campari! Well, not entirely, shows amaro-like, cranberry, pomegranate, red fruit-centric but far from sweet, decidedly spicy and dry. Lots of flavour, lots of chalky dryness with mouth-watering pucker to close. Super good.

NGERINGA Pinot Noir 2016
MIKE BENNIE, The Wine Front
92 points. Adelaide Hills pinot noir is becoming less a field of landmines and more a field of waratahs,
or something like that.
Cherry! So cherry! Spicy, imbued with light ‘botanical’ elements, pepper. Very fragrant, lively and pure-scented. Crisp tannins, light and juicy feel but shapely and well-contained. Leaner style but done very well. Fresh and frisky. Nice.

UNCULTURED Pinot Noir 2017
MIKE BENNIE, The Wine Front
92 points. Full carbonic maceration here. The wilder-edged versions of Ngeringa’s wines sit under this label.
Ripe cherry scents, whiffs of green herbs, white pepper, very floral too. Lovely start. Slurpy texture, lightly chompy tannins, brisk acidity. Such a joyous drink here. Plenty of drinkability, stacked with freshness. Such a good vibe!

UNCULTURED Syrah Nouveau 2017
89 points. Unsulphured. Small batch. Whole bunches. Estate grown, made and bottled.
Lovely drink. Heart and soul. Has a bit of heft but is fresh and perfumed. Spices aplenty, aniseed, black cherry and deli meat. Has it going on. Bit of funk, particularly on the nose, but in a good way.

JAMES HALLIDAY, The Wine Companion
87 points. Whole-bunch fermented in a style said to echo Beaujolais Nouveau, but it’s more powerful than that. No oak, no SO2. Good stuff for natural wine devotees.

NGERINGA Elliptic Chardonnay 2016
JAMES HALLIDAY, The Wine Companion
94 points. Gleaming green colour; a complex, intense, long and very well-made chardonnay, pretty much as good as they come from the Adelaide Hills. Stone fruits are soused in a citrus sorbet, barrel fermentation driving texture and mouthfeel.

GARY WALSH, The Wine Front
94 points. A glass stopper, no less. I quite like them as a closure.
Creamed honey, floral perfume in with that, stonefruit and a little spice. Medium bodied, but mouth-filling, with a smooth glide of glossy fruit, chalky textural highlights, and a pretty good finish, with cream and a touch of pithy bitterness. Nice. Character.

NGERINGA Viognier 2015
91 points. Single vineyard viognier from the Adelaide Hills.
Ample honeysuckle and apricot kernel character, fresh and rich at once. We get volume but we also get form, the wine’s inherent richness kept neat, the sling of flavour through the finish yet another point in its favour.

NGERINGA Syrah 2015
JAMES HALLIDAY, The Wine Companion
94 points. There’s a lot of wine in the bottle, opening with blackberry fruit, then a whisk of liquorice and fine-wrought tannins towards the finish. In transition from adolescence to adult maturity, and handling it well. Great value.

Delicious Food Magazine
For between the main courses. This is apple cider with a splash of pear and quince lending a hand. It’s made from fruit of a biodynamic farm in the Adelaide Hills by some really nice people. To taste, it’s tangy, tart and finishes dry. Just right.

NGERINGA Sangiovese 2016
88 points. Sangiovese from Mount Barker Summit, Adelaide Hills.
Complex Sangiovese. Gamey and generally meaty with black cherry and woodsy spice. A bit of chew, a bit of dryness, a slip of mint. Will be a little too gamey and a little too dry(ing) for some but it comes to life when served alongside appropriate food.

JAMES HALLIDAY, The Wine Companion
90 points. A sangio on steroids, flexing its biceps, full of black and sour cherries with bits of undergrowth handing off its arms. Where to from now is the question – up, down or sideways?

NGERINGA Tempranillo 2015
91 points. Took me a while to get my head around this Adelaide Hills tempranillo. Think it just needs time to breathe, as much as anything. i.e. it’s not me, it’s you.
Body of flavour. Tightness of tannin. Polished texture. It has a good deal to offer, though it felt a bit flat and/or foursquare before it’d had time to breathe, the air bringing the texture up and fruit volume with it. Dark, choc-infused cherry with dry, meaty, cola-like inflections. Not overly complex in flavour terms, the sophistication based more around its texture, tannin and length. Decanting is advised.

NGERINGA Nebbiolo 2014
JAMES HALLIDAY, The Wine Companion
93 points. 100% destemmed, open-fermented and macerated for 4 weeks with hand plunging, matured for 18 months in old French barrels. Very good bright, clear colour; a fresh and vibrant nebbiolo, free of abrasive tannins, which has succeeded in every respect (and where its Sangiovese sibling failed). The problem for you if you acquire some is deciding how much to drink now and how much to keep, but then there could be worse problems to solve.

NGERINGA Chardonnay 2012
93 points. From a high-density planting of chardonnay vines in the Adelaide Hills. Biodynamically farmed. Spontaneous fermentation and mlf. Straw-green colour. Glowing. Complex array of flavours. Starts peachy, quite full, but turns both steelier and mealier as it rolls through the mouth. Tangy and energetic through the finish. Textural, both creamy and chalky, for the most part until a burst of limey flavour takes over the finish. An easy wine to praise and, of course, to drink.

MIKE ELLIS, The Wine Punter
A beautiful wine this. The aromatic profile is that of well behaved Chardonnay, it’s confident but not flashy. Cereal and a mealy / cashew element sits amongst ripe stone fruit featuring yellow peach. The palate texture is sensational. Honey-like in its purity and flow. Like a breath of fresh air, a breeze, it is difficult to describe why it feels so damn refreshing and relaxing but this wine is certainly a breath of fresh air. The finish lasts long, as does the feel-good factor. I could drink this for days.

MIKE BENNIE, WBM Trade: 100 of the Best
93 points. Quietly, quietly Ngeringa go about their biodynamic farming and exceptional winemaking, and have come to release some seriously good white wines from their estate vineyards. Viognier does well, white blends, too, and this Chardonnay lends credence to these thoughts. It shows some richness but the counter balance of nuttiness and brine is brilliant – so very drinkable.

J.E Assemblage 2014
MIKE ELLIS, The Wine Punter
Ooh, now here’s an interesting wine. Bold, charismatic, dripping in bling and rolling in the Benjamins. It’s got so much energy, drive and instant appeal. The nose is full of rich aromas from stone fruit to spice; like freshly applied perfume it’s intense and you know it’ll integrate beautifully over time. It’s lush on the palate too but far from flabby. Cool climate Chardonnay (70%) provides some crunch and structure while Viognier (30%) simply rolls around the mouth lavishing layers of stonefruit and bouncy texture. Some orange marmalade / apricot jam happening too. There’s a decent finish with a little spike of fresh acid zip leaving you salivating for more. Fruit is sourced form Ngeringa’s three vineyards in the Adelaide Hills and is a well balanced blend of power and finesse.So much of what I love about white wine, especially Chardonnay, is expressed here. Wicked value at 25 bucks too.

NGERINGA Viognier 2013
MIKE BENNIE, The Wine Front

91-92 points. Just got around to this wine. Apricots everywhere. Totally different wine in personality to the more nutty, savoury, saline 2012. Shows the variety really well, however, where 2012 was delicious but perhaps obtuse for viognier enthusiasts. Slippery, lightly oily, apricot and kernel, ripe perfume.

NGERINGA Pinot Noir 2012
JAMES HALLIDAY, The Wine Companion

95 points. Hand-picked; a small amount whole bunch-pressed (very unconventional), the remainder spending 28 days on skins, then 12 months in French oak (20% new). Has a fragrant, dark cherry bouquet, and an intense and long palate that sends all the right messages, the flavour and texture of the mouthfeel admirable.

NGERINGA Syrah 2010
MIKE BENNIE, The Wine Front

93 points. Biodynamics. No additions aside sulphur in winery. Natural ferment. Erinn Klein, winemaker. Vineyard in the Adelaide Hills. Nice guy Erinn. Does things on the quiet. Steady as she goes. One of the other wineries to watch, forming a legacy, from the region. Spicy! Immediate default for the wine. Medium bodied, glossy texture, fresh, frisky finish. Seamless flow. Cool, red fruits. Floral. Pepper. Delicious wine here, easy to drink, flows effortlessly, finishes long. Sleek, tight, fine, grainy tannins tugging through the wine. Has a finesse and elegance. Leafiness finds a place, crunchy acidity too. It’s mouthwatering after each sip. Fine wine, in a more slender, linear guise. Drink lots.

NGERINGA Tempranillo 2013

92 points. Lively red, complete with a beautiful roll of fruit-submerged tannin. Flavours of red and black cherry, powdered chocolate, fennel roots and tobacco leaves. Mid-weight but feels accomplished from start to finish. Drinks well now but should develop well over the medium term.

MIKE ELLIS, The Wine Punter
Drink, drank, drunk it. It’s certainly an easy proposition – bright red berry aromas, mouth watering texture and vibrant. Cured meats, shaved nice and thin, banging’ tunes and a lazy afternoon session. A little buzz goin’ on. I’m rather partial to Tempranillo, apparently. With cherry cola, spice and a little mocha on the nose it’s seductive. In the mouth it’s juicy juicy. Plenty of puckering acidity, comfortably balanced and medium bodied with just enough fruit concentration to see it through. Please eat some salty cured meats with this and share with friends. It’s as nature intended. *Disclaimer – I did drink this out of a Sigg bottle whilst sitting on a beanbag under the stars. The outdoor cinema I went to had a very limited selection of wines and I thought this would be just the ticket with pizza. It was. I also tasted it out of a real glass under strict tasting conditions. It was still great.

NGERINGA Sangiovese 2013

93 points. Biodynamically-grown sangiovese from the Adelaide Hills. Perfumed and yet savoury. Sex and conversation. Jubey cherries and boysenberries, spicy twig notes, even a gentle meatiness. The 2010 had a pinot noir-esque personality and so too does this 2013. Juicy and perfumed with a thread of spicy tannin. It is most enjoyable.

NGERINGA Nebbiolo 2013

93+ points. Another impressive wine from Ngeringa.High drinkability here. And yet taut and well structured at the same time. Roasted nuts, red cherries, undergrowth and dried herb notes. Blond tobacco-ish. Fine, defined, precise wine. Succulent nebbiolo. Builds beautifully in the glass.