• UNCULTURED Syrah Nouveau 2018

    UNCULTURED Syrah Nouveau 2018

  • NGERINGA Rose 2017

    NGERINGA Rose 2017

Uncultured Celebration Pack – sold out


Whenever you’re ready to drink – or drizzle (alah olive oil) – the ‘uncultured’ range is near at hand. This 6-pack reveals Ngeringa in a different light. These youthful, funky, quaffable wines and bubbles come with a 500ml bottle of our freshly pressed extra virgin olive oil. This  Uncultured 6-pack includes our bubbly Pet Nat and rustic cider of 2019, spritely Chardonnay, Syrah Nouveau and an all time favourite, Ngeringa Rose 2017.

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Uncultured Pétillant Naturel 2019 (Pet Nat) is essentially farmhouse sparkling wine made in the méthode ancestrale without the addition of extra yeasts or sugars.

Uncultured Chardonnay 2018 The fruit for UNCULTURED Chardonnay is planted on an easterly facing slope at 380m above sea level on a soil of sandy loam over clay. The top of the vineyard has views over Lake Alexandrina and the mouth of the Murray, which make themselves known on summer evenings with a strong cooling breeze despite daytime temperatures. The vines are planted at a density of 6800 vines/ha.

Uncultured Apple Cider 2019 The fruit comes from our orchard on the Ngeringa farm.

The NGERINGA Rosé is made with Syrah from our three vineyards: Summit, Rufus and Iluma. The Summit vineyard is planted on an easterly facing slope at 380m above sea level on a soil of sandy loam over clay and with Lake Alexandrina as its backdrop. The Rufus vineyard, by contrast, is westerly facing on the opposing side of the hill with a rocky, red ironstone soil over clay. The Iluma vineyard, also on a westerly facing slope, is of a sparkling micaceous schist over clay. All our Syrah vineyards are planted at a density of 6700 vines/ha.

Uncultured Syrah Nouveau 2018 This wine hails from three parcels of Syrah, two from different portions of our Summit vineyard and one from our Iluma vineyard in Nairne, allowing us to choose the very best fruit for this upfront style.

Uncultured Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2019 The olives for our oil are grown on the bottom of the slopes of the Iluma vineyard.

The Uncultured Pétillant Naturel 2019 contains most of the varietals we grow. A small amount of Pinot Gris and Gewürz are co-fermented. The rest are harvested and fermented separately in small batches. Viognier and Pink Semillon see a short period on skins. The four above-mentioned are aromatic varieties, which we pick at moderately high ripeness to add to the aromatic lift of these wines. The Syrah (picked as Rose), Pinot Noir and Chardonnay are picked quite early to bring freshness and acidity to the balance of this wine. Our Pét Nat is bottled without the addition of any SO2 - or anything else for that matter!
Wild fermentation, no enzymes, gentle extraction, minimal temperature control. No fining. Estate bottled.

Uncultured Chardonnay 2018 Fruit from across the Summit vineyard. 100% whole-bunch pressed. 20% short rinse (2-3 weeks) in new French barrels. Aged for 11 months in a mix of older French oak barriques and puncheons. 100% malolactic fermentation. Wild fermentation, no enzymes, spontaneous malolactic fermentation, gentle extraction, warmer fermentation, minimal temperature control. No fining. Estate bottled. Minimal amounts of sulphites added before bottling.

Uncultured Apple Cider 2019 Made from Predominantly crunchy Granny Smith and Johnathan Apples, some riper Pears, a few quinces and a couple of Pomegranate. Pressed in our wine press into an old Barrel, where the cider is fermented until nearly dry. This year we added a few grams of Organic cane sugar before racking into bottle with approx. 9g/L sugar.

The NGERINGA Rosé Fermented in 100% old, seasoned French barrels. Aged for nine months in barrel on full lees. Wild fermentation, no enzymes, spontaneous malolactic fermentation, gentle extraction, warmer fermentation, minimal temperature control. No fining. Estate bottled. Small amounts of sulphites added before bottling.

Uncultured Syrah Nouveau 2018 100% whole-bunch fermented; aged in older French barrels for four months; deliberately bottled with dissolved CO2 to preserve this minimal sulphured wine against oxidation. Wild fermentation, no enzymes, oxidative handling pre-fermentation, spontaneous malolactic fermentation, gentle extraction, warmer fermentation, minimal temperature control. No fining. Estate bottled.

Uncultured Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2019 is made from small batches of our biodynamically grown Frantoio and Koroneiki olives. Harvested early to capture intensity of flavour.

Vintage 2017 was notable for a variety of reasons. Having kicked off the season back in early spring with an early bud burst, cooler and considerably wetter conditions set in, slowing down vine flowering. Wet soils through spring and early summer, including a storm of cataclysmic proportions in late December, combined with cool nights right through January, culminated in an uncommonly slow, late veraison - the stage when grapes begin to sweeten and take on colour. Despite the wet weather, we managed to avoid the worst of the common fungal pitfalls through vigilance and persistence in the vineyards. By February and March, warmer, dryer days finally prevailed allowing for a long, slow ripening period and a comparatively late harvest. During this final phase, the grapes achieved excellent phenological ripeness with structured tannins and ripe flavours. The sum total of the conditions were ultimately perfect for our preferred style of winegrowing, yielding wines that are elegant and refined but with fully ripe, balanced characters. The wines from the 2017 vintage will be ones to watch.

The winter and spring of 2017 leading up our 2018 harvest were drier and warmer than average with a relative early bud burst and flowering and not a lot of water reserves in the soil. Our vines required supplementary irrigation from first week of January to moderate vine stress due to a hot dry summer that continued right up to vintage. Our yields for most varieties were above average with Pinot Noir and Chardonnay producing at just over a kilogram per vine, while our Syrah was on average just on target with 1kg per plant.
Fruit concentration was good while the acid balance was a little down due to the hot and dry conditions, especially if we compare it to 2017 which in contrast was a cool, long and slow ripening season. Finally the wines is the cellar show amazing concentration and in summary the single vineyard wines are shaping up to look like one of the better vintages to date.

The winter and spring of 2018 were even drier and warmer than the previous season, so much so that we gave our vines a supplementary irrigation before Christmas – a rare occurrence!
We did have two significant storms though, not in terms of precipitations volume but rather their consequence of severe wind and hail during vine’s flowering period in early and mid November. The result of these storms was crops being down by 40 to 60% across all varieties. The result, a very small harvest, which in my mind, does not always produce fine, balanced wines. Low yields can often give higher concentration but at the expense of complexity. That said, we are delighted with the Pet Nat in bottle at this early stage and likewise most wines in barrels are very vibrant and concentrated heading into spring.


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