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J.E Syrah 2016 – sold out


“Beautifully plush and drinking now.”- Erinn Klein, Winemaker

With its origins right across our three small vineyards, this wine that begins as a deep garnet feast for the eyes and a lifted, multi-layered...
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Summit Pinot Noir 2017 – new release


Like 2015 and 2016 the style we aspire to. Not overripe, not underripe, but just right.- Erinn Klein, Winemaker

Don't be fooled by the appearance of this lighter coloured Pinot, it’s bursting with vibrant aromas and flavours. Tight and restrained on the nose with...
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Iluma Syrah 2017 – new release


A complex intriguing rich expression of our top Syrah site. - Erinn Klein, Winemaker

An elegant and refined Syrah, representative of one of Ngerina’s finest vintages. Deep red in colour with aromas of green peppercorn, olive tapenade, five spice,...
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Uncultured Pinot Noir 2018 – new release


Made to be a drink now fruit-in-you-glass pinot, but will mature nicely with some age."- - Erinn Klein, Winemaker

A ruby red Pinot Noir with medium body, a balance of lifted, vibrant fruit flavours, and savoury earthiness. Sweet red-blood plum and sour cherry jump...
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  • UNCULTURED Syrah Nouveau 2018

    UNCULTURED Syrah Nouveau 2018

Uncultured Syrah Nouveau 2018


“A vibrant young Syrah ready to be drunk on release like a Nouveau style is intended to be."- Erinn Klein, Winemaker

Crisp red plums jump out from the glass, plenty of spicy young lively Syrah character here! Plenty of carbonic lift, punchy young tannin and mixed...
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Tempranillo 2016


“Love a good cigar? You’ll love this wine!”- Erinn Klein, Winemaker

Deep, rich, spirit-transporting aromas of Christmas pudding, charred meat and sweet, Montechristo cigars. Every vintage with this wine is a lesson in the power of...
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