A beautiful new look for Uncultured

We are delighted to release our newly packaged Uncultured range – with labels beautifully reimagined by our good friend Alex Harris. Uncultured includes two exciting wines – our Pétillant Naturel and Syrah Nouveau – alongside our apple cider and extra-virgin olive oil – all the products of gloriously benign neglect!

When it comes to the wines in the series, Uncultured is a small, experimental range with a doubled-down emphasis on the natural. These wines are made to be succulent, fruity and fun – and are for drinking young! Pétillant Naturel is a style of winemaking that allows fermentation to occur in the bottle, creating a sort of rustic ‘champagne’. And Syrah Nouveau is just exactly that – a young Syrah and, in this case, entirely unsulphured. If you open it and drink it straight away, you are very likely to notice a slight tingle on the tongue. That is the result of a touch of dissolved CO2, introduced to conserve freshness in the absence of preservatives.

Our Uncultured cider is just about as natural as a product can be – made from unsprayed fruit from the orchards that nestle against our vineyards and nothing more than the wild yeasts that naturally live on them and in our winery. As for the olive oil, as ever it is simply the result of pressing our biodynamically grown Frantoio and Koroneiki olives, harvested early to capture their flavours at their most intense.

We hope you enjoy the Uncultured range, a series of products made entirely by nature! (With just a little bit of help to get into the bottle.)