A warm greeting, Ngeringa friends!

Big things are afoot – we have a brand-spanking new website to bring us in to the 21st century and onto your handheld device, our first ever blog to keep us better connected with you and a revamped and a much simplified SOLSTICE wine club for all to join. Did you know that 40% of online purchases are made using a handheld device? That’s important given so many of our customers operate online. We may be proud luddites in many aspects of our winegrowing but occasionally we’re happy to yield to the temptations of modernity! We’re very glad to welcome you to our new website. It’s more interesting, our wines are easier to find and it shows life at Ngeringa in a whole different light.

In the vineyard, the Winter Solstice is beckoning – one of the points in the year which has our biodynamic blood excited. It’s the shortest day of the year, the Earth has swung its furthest from the sun and the plants on our farm have drawn their remaining energy in from the growing season just gone. We mark it by making our first pruning cuts in the vineyard.

We will also use the occasion of the Winter Solstice to invite you to taste these our new-release wines (to be revealed shortly… watch this space!). Join us the Cellar Door on the day of the Winter Solstice, Sunday, 21 June from 12noon to 4pm. The wines will be lined up, the wood-oven will be flickering and there’s a side of estate-reared beef on the menu. We hope you can join us! For more information, see our Events page.

To the new release wines and to all you who love what NGERINGA is, here’s cheers.

Erinn & Janet