A beautiful day at the Picnic

Since 2009 NGERINGA has been delighted to be involved with the Picnic at Marble Hill – a one-day festival of artisan wine and food from the cool heart of the Adelaide Hills. The Picnic was the inspiration of another winegrower from the Adelaide Hills – Tom Munro of Whisson Lake in Carey Gully – with the intent of showcasing single-vineyard, small-batch, minimal-intervention artisan wines from our region. The event certainly does that but has grown to do so much more besides: offering a beautiful array of foods from local producers, featuring the wildly amazing sounds of Dr Piffle and the Burlap Band, donating profits to the Cora Barclay Centre for deaf and hearing impaired children, and giving guests the opportunity to tour one of South Australia’s premier heritage sites, Marble Hill. The mansion at Marble Hill was the governor’s summer residence from the late 1870s until January 1955 when it burnt nearly to the ground in a dramatic bushfire. The history of the building since then – much like the Adelaide Hills region surrounding it – has been one of preservation and now rejuvenation, with the Michell family purchasing the site in 2009 with a goal of restoring the home to its former glory. This year’s Picnic was full to capacity with happy families, fabulous vibes and amazing wine, food and music. We hope to see you there next year!