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About Us

A new vineyard in an ancient place with a powerful philosophy entwining them....  Situated below the Mount Barker summit in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia, Ngeringa is tended by the overlooking mystique of the rocks that are Mount Barker and the traditional lores that surround them. Nourished through the simplicity of biodynamic farming practices, we believe Ngeringa carries an energy which identifies its individuality and sense of place.

With 5 hectares of vines planted across 2 vineyard sites (Mt Barker Springs and Nairne), 4 hectares of olive grove, a small herd of Scottish Highland Cattle, sheep, chickens, ducks & guinea fowl, hay pastures, revegetation areas and an enormous vege garden, the ideal of achieving a closed farm unit is well on the way.

Our approach to both the growing and the making of the wine is purposely traditional doing much in the vineyard by hand and being as least interventionist in the winemaking as possible.  We are aiming to create wines of a traditional style with elegance and structure.  Our minimalist approach favours hand harvest and small batch winemaking, only wild fermentation and the use of minimal new (French) oak. We hope the result is wine with vitality and integrity, genuinely expressing the fruit from which it was made.


Erinn & JanetErinn & Janet

A little bit about us...
Armed with a single minded reverence for the art, the tradition and the mystique of fine wine, we cannot deny that we have launched ourselves wholeheartedly in to the challenging and highly rewarding pursuit of this wine.

Firstly teaming up in 2000 while studying Oenology (Erinn) and Viticulture(Janet) at Adelaide University, we continued our "education" spending time in France, Italy, Spain & Germany touring the great viticultural regions of the Old World - working, listening and learning.  We followed our belief that great wine is a wine that holds the secret of the unique and healthy soils in which it was grown, is a wine full of vitality and expression and is a wine that carries the respect for tradition and (ultimately) biodynamic wine growing.  In Europe, and in Australia too, we met and learnt from those who believe in this also.

With these privileged experiences we created Ngeringa Vineyards.   Together we were dreamers, but in the beginning, Erinn, single handedly, did the hard yards working tirelessly with the young vines, nurturing them through the seasons with biodynamics as their guardian.  With Germanic (!) attention to detail and ambition for perfection, balanced with an Aussie 'no worries mate' approach (!), Erinn motivated his small team to hand weed the vine rows, find the perfect vine position and learn to understand the aim of nurturing the soil, the vine and the land in order to achieve wines with ultimate vitality and expression.  He also took the fast track learning path to building a winery, managing narrow vineyard rows (importing a unique tractor/crawler to do so), running cows (beautifully shaggy Scottish Highland cattle!), harvesting hay and other essential closed farm activities.

Meanwhile, after 18 months on the Southcorp Graduate Program, Janet took a temporary career change away from viticulture and in to corporate business, working in the marketing team of Jurlique International, a highly successful and inspirational natural wellbeing and skincare brand founded by Erinn's parents.  In 2006, Janet finally rejoined Ngeringa... renewing her touch on viticulture, working in the cellar and developing the business side of Ngeringa.

 "Together we laugh, dream and inspire each other.  And we look forward to doing so in the years to come and to sharing the results - J.E and NGERINGA wines!"

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We respect your privacy and only make contact twice a year with the release of our new vintage wines and with an occasional email advising of an event we may be holding.

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